Why You Need a Checklist

Your resume is your one opportunity to impress your potential employer. Job opportunities can be sparse, and your resume is your ticket to land the interview. A resume checklist can provide clarity, motivation, and show areas of improvement within your own resume.

How to Use This Checklist

Like all checklists, please use it as a guide only. Resumes are certainly not one-size-fits-all, and this checklist isn’t meant to be either.

More Information

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Resume Checklist

Is Your Resume

Easy-to-read, concise, and organized with headings and bullet points?

No more than two pages in length if you have more than five years of experience?

Contact information in the biggest font, up-to-date, professional, and ready to take an employer’s call?

ATS friendly by eliminating unnecessary 2-column formats, and matching job descriptions to relevant experiences?

Does Your Resume

Solve the employer’s problem?

No, really does it? Have you eliminated your ego? It’s not about you, and your fancy titles and experience. Every word is a solution to the employer’s problem, don’t forget it.

Prove your experience mostly through accomplishments instead of responsibilities?

In the past tense, free from grammar and spelling errors?

The Extras

Brand yourself. Not like a cow. Underneath your contact information, let the employer know exactly who you are.

If your resume is two pages, use page numbers.

Unless instructed otherwise, always send your resume and supporting documents in PDF. Name your documents something professional.



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