What is an Elevator Pitch

Think of an Elevator Pitch like the “Tell me about yourself” question in the interview.  It is a 60-90 second opportunity to bait your listener into wanting to know more about your experiences, talents, and uniqueness; what sets you apart from others.  And if you’re looking for something specific, it may also include your ask statement.

Why You Need an Elevator Pitch Formula

Your Elevator Pitch is actually something you can memorize, but shouldn’t sound rehearsed or wooden. So, practice, practice, practice.  It will flow naturally in conversation, someone may ask you, “What are you looking for?” or “Why are you here today?” and you can easily answer using the Free Printable Elevator Pitch Link below.

Free Printable Elevator Pitch

More Information

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Your Elevator Pitch 

I am

This is your introduction.  Tell them who you are. You can mention your current career or passions as well as education.  You want to keep it relevant to the person you are talking to and what you are excited about (your ask).

I’m passionate about

People will remember you, not by what you said, but by how you said it.  Know what brings you joy, be passionate about it, and you will be able to convey it easily in conversation.

I’m experienced in

Have confidence in your experience and keep it relevant.

I’m excited about (your ask)

This is your ask.  If there is a project, or you need to network with someone this is where you bring it up and this is how you frame it.  “Because of ___I’m excited about ___ and I would appreciate your assistance with ___”



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